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mixtapers unite! [entries|friends|calendar]
we're dynamite and we don't know why

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meow [01 May 2005|12:47am]

Hello, I'm ash and I'm new. I love to make tapes and am looking for someone to trade with. No two tapes I make are alike, but here is an example of one I did in the past:
autumn leavesCollapse )
If you have similar tastes and are interested in trading, let me know.
ps I prefer tapes to cds but will take either, but expect a tape from me.
pps I like to make my tapes look nice and artsy and would like you to do the same
~the end~
on the tape.

[15 Sep 2004|01:19pm]
hello, i'm chris, and also a member of the le_tape_trade community.
recently i've created an online mixtape forum, based around the policies and procedures of mixtapering. it's called MIXTAPE GROUP.

the current web address is: http://mixtapegroup.thedirtyharry.com , although I plan on purchasing a .com for it if it gets popular.

i'm looking for some serious members that like the 1 trade per month deal.
since it's independent of livejournal, and ironically like livejournal, you sign up, create a profile, an avatar, and post. there will user groups and multiple moderators if all goes well.

i'd love it if any of you'd join. http://mixtapegroup.thedirtyharry.com
just be patient and please spread the word

on the tape.

Mix or Die [08 Jul 2004|11:46pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

If you enjoy making and receiving unique tapes, come and check out [info]</a>mix or die . We're looking for people that have an appreciation for many different kinds of music and like hearing new stuff. If you think you have a pretty good breadth of musical knowledge, and want to expand upon it, read the user info, and please come join us.

x-posted everywhere

on the tape.

le_tape_trade [20 May 2004|05:17pm]

yoyoyo ppl. im david from barnsley, UK and would like to trade with anyone n everyone. i just made a tape last night especiaslly to foist onto sum1. the tracklisting is as follows:

One side

ironside >>>> quincy jones
strict machine >>>> strict machine
statement of vindication >>>> bikini kill
monster >>>> stereo total
if you’re a wizard then why do you wear glasses? >>>> liars
remyxamatosis >>>> radiohead
fuck the pain away >>>> peaches
legs >>>> pj harvey
whats new for fall >>>> desaparecidos
he took her to a movie >>>> ladytron
worked up so sexual >>>> the faint
move over >>>> janis joplin
peppermints >>>> commander venus
set me free >>>> kim wilde
the escape song >>>> graham coxon

flip side

sentence >>>> the appleseed cast
ruby ruby >>>> bjork
machine >>>> yeah yeah yeahs
the calendar hung itself >>>> bright eyes
first mater responds >>>> your code name is milo
superstition >>>> the kills
mediocrity rules >>>> le tigre
all medicated geniuses >>>> pretty girls make graves
you gonna get it >>>> coach whips
if you phone >>>> lauren laverne
obstacle 2 >>>> interpol
daybreaker >>>> beth orton
ambultetz >>>> the mars volta

if any1 is interested pls let me know.
1 song on the tape.

[13 May 2004|07:16pm]




on the tape.

[04 May 2004|08:39am]

[ mood | curious ]


where is the party at?

on the tape.

We accept the love we think we deserve [22 Mar 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | listless ]

We accept the love we think we deserveCollapse )

4 songs on the tape.

"I don't have to be your girl..." [27 Feb 2004|07:36pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Lovers Turned Friends End As Aquaintances
In Your Room- K's Choice
Karma Police- Radiohead
You Had Time- Ani DiFranco
Bad Diary Days- Pedro the Lion
You Will You Will You Will You Will- Bright Eyes
Blood of Me- Heather Nova
No Need to Cry- Neko Case
Crossroads- Don McLean
Breakfast at Tiffanies- Deep Blue Something
Car- Built to Spill
Putting the Damage On- Tori Amos
I Still Do- the Cranberries
Desperately Wanting- Better than Ezra
To Sheila- Smashing Pumpkins
Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner- September 67

No one has posted in this community for about a week, so maybe this isn't the best time to make introductions... But I am Brooke, 16, and ready to trade. :oxoxoxo

6 songs on the tape.

HELP!! [18 Feb 2004|04:58pm]

i searched long & hard for this community & it looks wicked cool.

my latest

let’s go to the city & act anti-celibate
a. peter, paul & mary – too much of nothing
billy bragg & wilco – hesitating beauty
deerhoof – blue cash
the thrills – big sur
cat stevens – changes IV
john lennon – cold turkey
pink floyd – the gnome
pink floyd – bike
super furry animals – sidewalk surfer girl
the velvet underground – beginning to see the light
b. m. ward – end of amnesia
damien rice – delicate
nick drake – pink moon
the bens – just pretend
the black keys – hurt like mine
jimi hendrix – crosstown traffic
janis joplin – move over
bob dylan – on the road again
the velvet underground – after hours

& i need some help. i use to love a person. we split up, i've taken them back in. but i don't like the whole situation. so need some songs. good ones that i haven't used a million times already. it's going to be called what was i thinking when i let you back in? the main song being wilco - i am trying to break your heart. thanks a lot in advance.
4 songs on the tape.

[02 Feb 2004|07:45am]

Does anyone live in Chicago?
7 songs on the tape.

a "Newkid" mix [21 Jan 2004|10:35am]

Lets Get Known - The Unicorns
On the Internet - Essential Logic
Gravity - Pylon
L'amour Stories - Deerhoof
Editions of You - Roxy Music
Moody - ESG
Its Obvious - Au Pairs
Pedestrian - Fad Gadget
Pink Noise - Ex Models
Pretend I'm Sleeping - The Sick Lipstick
She is Beyond Good and Evil - The Pop Group
Its My Antennae - The 1985
An Endless Supply - The Thermals
Damaged Goods - Gang of Four
Mind Your Own Business - The Delta 5
Typical Girls - The Slits
1985 - French Kicks
Eyes of the Secret North - Chinese Stars
Milkshake - Kelis
2 songs on the tape.

a mix [20 Jan 2004|07:04pm]

a mix i made, trade with me?

Bleeding Kansas - F Squared
Azure Ray - New Resolution
Crooked Fingers - Sweet Marie
James Brown - I got to move
Me Without you - the ghost
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - The Subversive Sound
Repeat Repeat - Dance off
Blood Brothers - Every Breath is a bomb
Stan Getz - Desifinado
Pretty Girls Make Graves - All Medicated Geniuses
Modest Mouse - Here it Comes
1 song on the tape.

[12 Jan 2004|03:02pm]

I'm Megan, and I am a music enthusiast, among other things. I joined this community in hope of discovering some more good music.
If anyone is interested in doing a trade, this is my latest mix (originally made on CD format);Read more...Collapse )
2 songs on the tape.

[24 Dec 2003|12:43am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hello ladies and gents.

i'm new here. my name's dawn.
i've been working on a tape, haven't done so in a while.
but i'm out on holiday from school and have lots of tapes and cd's to work with.
also, i just bought a car that is devoid of compact disc player, so i thought this could help save me for the time being.
tracksCollapse )

please comment if you'd like to trade.
cause that'd be wonderous.

6 songs on the tape.

madeline and the bad hat [21 Dec 2003|11:08pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm in desperate need of some chilly, bright, wonderful winter music on tape svp, any takers?? I'll trade you something wonderful, pinky swear.

1 song on the tape.

[12 Dec 2003|09:07am]

Dear Miss oh_mabel,

Finally finally I sent your mix about two days ago!

1 song on the tape.

who are you? i am the enchanting wizard of rhythm. [10 Dec 2003|03:52pm]

[ mood | de-caffeinated ]

hi dudes.

this community needs some serious revival! and you're all just the ones to do it. so get to it, post post post and trade trade trade those mixes.

in other news, today is a lucky day for one of you. because i have one HIGH-QUALITY SUPER AWESOME tape to make you a super awesome winter-time mix with. i will accept a trade (cd or tape), or just a really huge thank you. (but a cd or tape is preferred :] !) i have the awesome new shins and erykah badu and ladybug transistor to hook up on this mix. first to comment gets it. so...




1 song on the tape.

[07 Dec 2003|03:38pm]
sad mix version three is complete:

1. one foot in front of the other - bright eyes
2. at the wake - the format
3. me vs. maradona vs. elvis - brand new
4. everything means nothing to me - elliott smith
5. come around - rhett miller
6. shiver - coldplay
7. your eyes - rent
8. i'll take you everywhere - penfold
9. hold on love - azure ray
10. lament of a pretty baby - cursive
11. the pros & cons of breathing - fallout boy
12. existentialism on prom night - straylight run
13. titles & registration - deathcab for cutie
14. across the universe - fiona apple
15. canyon inn - murder by death
16. what we hate we make - rocket summer
1 song on the tape.

[29 Nov 2003|04:57pm]
hello. je suis alicia.

i'm making a mixtape.
click, if you willCollapse )

pretty traditional stuff there. anyone want to trade?
9 songs on the tape.

[25 Nov 2003|01:27am]



i'm down with pretty much anything... except maybe dwight yokum and blink 182... but otherwise, i'm open.

I constantly crave new music, so i'd love to get in on a trade or two... anyone?
3 songs on the tape.

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