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hello ladies and gents.

i'm new here. my name's dawn.
i've been working on a tape, haven't done so in a while.
but i'm out on holiday from school and have lots of tapes and cd's to work with.
also, i just bought a car that is devoid of compact disc player, so i thought this could help save me for the time being.

[1] the velvet teen - counting backwards
[2] death cab for cutie - we laugh indoors
[3] interpol - specialist
[4] dntel - (this is) the dream of evan and chan
[5] joy division - love will tear us apart
[6] q & not u - black plastic bag
[7] sondre lerche - sleep on needles
[8] the cure - love song
[9] magnetic fields - all the umbrellas in london
[10] outkast - hey ya
[11] the shins - one by one all day

[1] pinback - penelope
[2] elliott smith - lie close
[3] the beatles - p.s. i love you
[4] blood brothers - pink tarantulas
[5] the pop narcotic - everyone
[6] flock of seagulls - run so far away
[7] yeah yeah yeahs - black tongue
[8] the faint - worked up so sexual
[9] the postal service - such great heights
[10] the moving units - between us & them
[11] hot hot heat - i blew a fuse in my personality
[12] yo la tengo - sugarcube

please comment if you'd like to trade.
cause that'd be wonderous.
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