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i searched long & hard for this community & it looks wicked cool.

my latest

let’s go to the city & act anti-celibate
a. peter, paul & mary – too much of nothing
billy bragg & wilco – hesitating beauty
deerhoof – blue cash
the thrills – big sur
cat stevens – changes IV
john lennon – cold turkey
pink floyd – the gnome
pink floyd – bike
super furry animals – sidewalk surfer girl
the velvet underground – beginning to see the light
b. m. ward – end of amnesia
damien rice – delicate
nick drake – pink moon
the bens – just pretend
the black keys – hurt like mine
jimi hendrix – crosstown traffic
janis joplin – move over
bob dylan – on the road again
the velvet underground – after hours

& i need some help. i use to love a person. we split up, i've taken them back in. but i don't like the whole situation. so need some songs. good ones that i haven't used a million times already. it's going to be called what was i thinking when i let you back in? the main song being wilco - i am trying to break your heart. thanks a lot in advance.
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