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yoyoyo ppl. im david from barnsley, UK and would like to trade with anyone n everyone. i just made a tape last night especiaslly to foist onto sum1. the tracklisting is as follows:

One side

ironside >>>> quincy jones
strict machine >>>> strict machine
statement of vindication >>>> bikini kill
monster >>>> stereo total
if you’re a wizard then why do you wear glasses? >>>> liars
remyxamatosis >>>> radiohead
fuck the pain away >>>> peaches
legs >>>> pj harvey
whats new for fall >>>> desaparecidos
he took her to a movie >>>> ladytron
worked up so sexual >>>> the faint
move over >>>> janis joplin
peppermints >>>> commander venus
set me free >>>> kim wilde
the escape song >>>> graham coxon

flip side

sentence >>>> the appleseed cast
ruby ruby >>>> bjork
machine >>>> yeah yeah yeahs
the calendar hung itself >>>> bright eyes
first mater responds >>>> your code name is milo
superstition >>>> the kills
mediocrity rules >>>> le tigre
all medicated geniuses >>>> pretty girls make graves
you gonna get it >>>> coach whips
if you phone >>>> lauren laverne
obstacle 2 >>>> interpol
daybreaker >>>> beth orton
ambultetz >>>> the mars volta

if any1 is interested pls let me know.
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