what came first, the music or the misery? (ash_2_ash) wrote in le_tape_trade,
what came first, the music or the misery?


Hello, I'm ash and I'm new. I love to make tapes and am looking for someone to trade with. No two tapes I make are alike, but here is an example of one I did in the past:

end of summer:
such great heights-the postal service
bottle of blues-beck
catch-the cure
goldie ella-loudermilk
a poetic retelling of an unfortunate seduction-bright eyes
dirty dream #2-belle and sebastian
strange condition-pete yorn
everything must go-the weakerthans
grace-prescott curlywolf
evaporated-ben folds five
expecting-the white stripes
beginning of fall:
asleep-the smiths
away and anywhere-john fruciante
place to be-nick drake
whir-smashing pumpkins
edie-the cult
century son-augie march
late at night-buffalo tom
time after time-cyndi lauper
mad world-micheal andrews feat. gary jules
signs of the zodiac-rasputina
crucify-tori amos
i'm going home-RHPS soundtrack

If you have similar tastes and are interested in trading, let me know.
ps I prefer tapes to cds but will take either, but expect a tape from me.
pps I like to make my tapes look nice and artsy and would like you to do the same
~the end~
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